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Denise Harcourt, Practice Manager 
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Jeanette, from Hungary 
“My first visit to Christopher Holden & Associates was to see Mr Holden Snr, alongside my Mum, at the age of 2. I'm pleased to say 43 yrs on I still attend my check-ups every 6 months to see Dr Christopher Holden. He is a very professional and trusted dentist and his staff are extremely polite and helpful. My anxieties are soon set aside by their friendliness and the comfortable surrounding within the practice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this particular practice to anyone and even a move abroad will not deter me from travelling back for my 6 monthly check-ups.” 
Lasers were, at one time, only seen in science fiction movies or scientific laboratories. Technology has advanced significantly; we now see lasers in use all around us, in CD and DVD players, bar code scanners in supermarkets and now in dentistry. 
At Christopher Holden & Associates we have invested in the latest laser technology and can now offer a range of laser treatments to our patients. 
So what is laser dentistry all about? 
Here are the answers to some of the questions frequently asked about lasers in dentistry: 
Tooth colour is genetically determined just like your hair. However teeth tend to darken with age and can also become stained. Causes of tooth staining are commonly tea, coffee, red wine, some spicy foods and tobacco. 
Most staining can be removed by a scale and polish which can be carried out by a dental surgeon, therapist or hygienist. A Prophy Jet can also be used. The Prophy Jet System uses a fruit flavoured bicarbonate of soda jet to remove staining from individual teeth. This can usually be done at a scale and polish appointment. 
Teeth bleaching or whitening is a more thorough and lasting way to whiten teeth. 
Before whitening  
After whitening 
Christmas Opening Hours 2017 
23- 26 December Emergency cover 01246 230 230 
27- 29 December Reception open as usual, limited appointments available  
30 December - 1st January Emergency Cover 01246 230 230 
2nd January Practice re-opens at 9am 
Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year from all at CH& A Ltd. 
Thank you all for your support during this year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018! 
Merry Christmas!  
Mrs J, from Chesterfield 
“I just felt I needed to let you know how very grateful I am to you all for the successful outcome of my implants. From the beginning of my treatment I have been shown great expertise, professionalism, courtesy and kindness from every member of the team. Not only have I gained a lovely smile, I also feel that a part of "me" was missing and now I feel complete. Thank you once again.” 
Dr Anita Patel talks about why gas and air for dental treatment can be a good option for children and some adults alike. 
Our lovely RDN Jade Williams has secured a university place, to study Dental Hygiene and Therapy at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital.  
No one likes having dental treatment. Some of us manage to accept our dentistry with the help of an injection in the gum, (local anaesthetic). Some of us however require alternative methods of pain and anxiety control. There are a number of these, which can be used either alone, or in conjunction with the familiar local anaesthetic.  
At Christopher Holden & Associates your dentist will understand your anxieties and will be pleased to discuss your options. Conscious sedation is one option that helps many of our patients to accept the dental treatment that they so desperately need.... 
Mr L, from Nottinghamshire 
“For many years as a young adult, I was very anxious and avoided the dentist at all costs. I moved to see Christopher Holden at his practice in May 2003 and since then I have felt in safe hands and relaxed. It is so easy now that I literally hum in the chair!” 
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